Business Intelligence Solutions


Giving a meaning to raw data for better decisions


As the competition for survival tightens its crucial to enable yourself to be able to eliminate waste and to be able to make more informed strategic decisions which can be done using a Business Intelligence solution.


The first step toward insight is the effective collection, storage and distribution of data. Aggregate clean and accurate data from multiple sources into a single database optimized to process information quickly and safely.


With large quantities of data at your disposal, effective visualisation is critical to decision making. With our deep understanding of visualisation techniques, we can assemble bespoke interfaces that bring your data to life.


Use advanced analytics techniques such as machine learning, data mining, churn prediction models and others to figure out trends and patterns in the data, be it customer service, marketing, sales, finance or other activities


Historically, data processing was often performed in batch, with slow and fragile proprietary solutions. With modern stream-based processing frameworks, process is straightforward with results available in real time.


Our BI consultants have many years’ experience crossing multiple technologies and platforms; we have worked with some of the industry’s leading consultancy and product development companies on the development of BI software tools and leading BI platforms.

Industry leaders in big data, retail and health analytics, customer behavior intelligence and more have regularly whitelabled our consultants to deliver disruptive BI products.

Working alongside these companies whilst also having our consultants trained regularly ensures that our clients are able to leverage exceptional business intelligence skills from Godel for any business intelligence solution or product development mission.

We work with you to identify how each of your stakeholder groups or clients consume information. We then define and understand the key metrics involved within your industry and your aims and objectives.

Data Warehousing and ETL

Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, IBM DB2, Amazon Web Services, SAP, Oracle, Sybase

Software Design

Microsoft Visio, Enterprise Architect, SAP Sybase PowerDesigner, Oracle Warehouse Builder

BI and Reporting

Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, SQL Server Reporting Services, IBM Cognos, Oracle BI, Tibco Spotfire, MicroStrategy, QlikView, Crystal Reports, Microsoft Power Pivot, JReport, Power View

Data Mining and Forecasting

R, IBM SPSS, Statistica, Mathematica, MATLAB


Enterprise-scale companies generate vast quantities of data from all manner of operational systems, with many struggling to simply keep the data flowing. Taming this data, and ensuring it’s delivered in a timely and resilient fashion, is a significant technical challenge. However, once solved, the value in it is unlocked, with insights giving rise to significant reductions in operating costs, and more informed decision making. For many businesses, the value in their data is largely untapped.

Technology is on your side. Over the past decade we’ve seen a paradigm shift in messaging, persistence and processing technologies. The classic architecture of enterprise message buses and replicated transactional databases has been superseded. Our consultants bring a wealth of experience to your business, navigating the fast moving technology landscape to design and build solutions that unleash your data’s potential.

After evaluating your environment and needs, we are then able to tailor a business intelligence solution or offer our BI development resource to aid you in the delivery of your business intelligence solutions or products.


We bring in 17 years of experience in data analysis to help clients turn their data into a strategic asset. With a strong focus on data science, we have created custom applications that drive profit from advanced analytics:

Sales Analysis

System for a FMCG company with more than one billion consumers

Project Reporting

Reporting and analytics system for a project management system

Trade Promotion

System for a US food processing company with 200+ branches worldwide

Advertising Analysis

Cross-media planning platform for the UK largest advertising agency

BI in Healthcare

Business intelligence (BI) system for 200 healthcare centers worldwide

Trade Marketing

Planning system for an FMCG corporation, selling in180+ markets

Performance Analysis

Performance Management System for 2,000 car retailers in the UK

Mobile Analytics

Mobile interactive analytical map and other tools enabling BI on the move

Brand Monitoring

Brand health monitoring system to promote over 8,000 FMCG brands