Become a Partner



Become a Partner and Help Your Clients Beat the Competition

We value our partners and considers partnership cooperation as one of the core elements for successful business development. We strongly believe that doing business with partners is a more straightforward way towards reaching out to the customers.

Better Revenues, Less Management

Over the past years, we have built a number of successful partner relationships in several European and Middle Eastern countries. It has made our services more accessible for the these customers and eventually resulted in several millions of new business for us and our partners. We believe by working together, both sides can achieve more benefits and higher profits.

Mutually Beneficial Relationship

We offer win-win partnership programmes that guarantee beneficial relations and outcomes for both parties involved in such cooperation. Our team is glad to offer three partnership programmes that will help you to increase revenues and implement profitable business strategies together with us. Please select the programme that fits best your profile.

Agent Programme

Are you an IT entrepreneur or a sales professional, or just a person who believes he/she can earn good money by finding opportunities for businesses around you? If yes, this programme is a perfect opportunity for you!

Under this programme you will be in charge of finding business opportunities and generating leads. We will supply you with all the necessary marketing materials and technical documentation; our sales and marketing team will be working together with you to help capture business opportunities during the customerґs decision-making process; our IT specialists will ensure the customer’s technical needs are met.

Later on we guarantee providing work force and project management staff to deliver required services to end-users within time and budget. While we work, you sit back and receive your sales commission.

Incentives to choose us:

•  Perfect references, impressive track record,
    wide range of skills and talent pool;
•  Fair and good commissions;
•  Constant technical and sales support from our professionals;
•  Includes all required marketing materials;
•  Transparency of the entire project lifecycle.

Outsourcing Center Programme

You are an IT company that needs to boost its competitiveness by increasing its range of offerings, lowering development costs and delivering high quality services to your clients. One way of achieving this is expanding offshore, where resources are cheaper and the talent pool is less overstretched. Not all companies, however, can afford themselves having its own captive outsourcing center in Eastern Europe or India. We offer all the benefits of such center, but without any large-scale investments or risks such ventures usually involve.

In this setting you work on establishing and maintaining relationships with customers and, when necessary, act as a project manager. We, in its turn, provide development capabilities, processes and QA systems to deliver the services to the customers.

Incentives to choose us:

•   Lower your operational costs;
•   Improve your return on investment;
•   Enjoy full support of our technical and sales experts;
•   Improve credibility among your customers by offering
    various business solutions and superior IT services.

Technology Partnership Programme

Are you looking for a professional IT unit that can handle specific and exceptional services such as automated software migration, automated QA testing, mobile testing, etc. our firm is glad to become your technology partner in these diverse spheres to offer high-quality deliverables to your customers.

Your responsibility under this partnership agreement is to assist in careful technical description of required project and sometimes act as a project manager. All the rest is our responsibility. This includes: careful project plan preparation and cost estimation, finding qualified developers, providing unique tools and solutions and comprehensive testing of all deliverables.

Incentives to choose us:

•   Access to focused technical competence in several service areas;
•   Benefit from high quality IT services at a lower price;
•   No need to hire additional full-time developers;
•   Enjoy full support of our technical and sales experts.