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World's Largest Independent IT Training Company for the Public Sector

Keeping up with technology advancements and upgrading the expertise of everyone who touches that technology are critical to any government agency or institution. Our firm, the world’s largest independent IT training company, has a deep understanding of issues that are unique to military services and government agencies.

Company with most experience for the government sectors

We have 30 years of experience delivering public-sector training solutions to virtually every government department and agency.

We’re experts at making the most of federal, state and local agency resources to improve operational efficiency, optimize cyber security efforts and meet the latest legislative requirements.

Measure exactly how well your training works

You need to account for results, and we grant you access to the most advanced, comprehensive assessment and performance measurement tools available.

We’ll also give you the state-of-the-art resources to do your own pre- and post-training assessments.

Customised Training Solution Tailored for Governments

Prepare for anything with the most relevant IT training.

Delivering on the most stringent productivity and efficiency demands, and continuously meeting the ongoing challenge of doing more with less, depends on a crucial component: training. Our IT training includes the most in-demand Microsoft and Cisco certifications for starters.

Yet what keeps our training so relevant is how closely we work with government agencies, Congress and Executive Branch–level leaders to devise the groundbreaking learning solutions agencies and organizations need to respond at the highest levels.