Digital Security


Protecting your business critical data and systems from cyber attack

The threat from cybercrime is ever-evolving. A flexible strategy for protecting your business – both now and in the future – is imperative for every organisation. We can work with you to gain a realistic view of your threat profile and define your security strategy with practical, actionable advice that will give you robust protection.

Our range of services and products cover a broad spectrum of security requirements and specializations.

Virus Protection

Cloud based antivirus technology to protect against latest viruses and malwares

DDoS Protection

Utilise real time network monitoring and traffic analysis to mitigate DDoS threats

Network Firewall

Professionally managed Firewalls with regular patching, alerts and threat prevention

Intrusion Prevention

Intrusion prevention system take automatic action to block attacks against your systems

Patch Management

Tighten the security by analysing and installing multiple patches to your network.

Application Firewall

We ensure mission critical web applications are delivered quickly and securely

Vulnerability Testing

We scan and identify exposures, and ensuring that they are not exploited by a hostile party

Advanced Persistent Threat

Defend your network against sophisticated ‘advanced persistent threats’ (APTs)

Email Protection

Filtering of unwanted messages and active detection of malicious code is a must

Antivirus & Malware Protection

Technology to protect against latest viruses and malwares

Many antivirus solutions use a lot of resources on your machines, slowing them down, and are never up to date against the latest threats because updating the local database is an arduous process.

Our antivirus solution is cloud based, so it uses one central database that is being updated constantly. This way, your business is always protected against the latest threats, and the software uses very little resources on your machines.

For more information about our cloud based antivirus and malware protection solution and how it could help your business, contact us today.

Cloud Based DDoS Mitigation

Our cloud based DDoS Mitigation is a comprehensive protection solution provided from the cloud that will offer end to end attack mitigation.

With our solution, the system will utilise real time network monitoring and traffic analysis to mitigate DDoS threats as and when they occur, minimising the effect on the network therefore keeping systems available.

Due to the fact the solution is cloud hosted, it will provide real time end to end DDoS Mitigation of both cloud based services and physical services through Volumetric threat detection and internet pipe saturation defences.

The solution will allow the mitigation of both full application attacks and low and slow attacks providing a complete, real time protection solution for business networks.

Protection against High Volume DDoS Attacks

Protection against Flood attacks

No impact on legitimate traffic

Real time network monitoring

Managed Network Firewall

Professionally managed with regular patching and proactive alerts

Engaging us to manage your firewall services will release your IT staff from the burden of the routine maintenance and management of your firewall, enabling them to utilise their time more effectively, working on their core competencies are other high-priority duties.

It will help minimise the risks. We supply and configure your new firewall to meet your needs and our fully qualified, experienced IT engineers will manage it on your behalf. Your firewall will be professionally managed and maintained twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year.

We provide remote access to your firewall’s performance reports. We pre-configure your firewall for efficient installation. Fully secure VPN connectivity. Your own online customer interface.

Managed Intrusion Prevention

Intrusion prevention is another service that is ideally located at the perimeter of your network. An Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) will take automatic action to shut down – attacks against your systems. Managed IPS maintenance and management allows you to avoid staffing concerns, such as the need for 24×7 monitoring by operators with specialized training and expertise. In addition, managed service providers gain experience with threat detection and analysis in multiple customer networks, increasing their value to you as informed providers of this vital functionality.

A centrally managed IPS monitored 24×7 provides you with a very high degree of protection against the dynamic threats facing modern networks. Being able to quickly lock-down segments of your network that may come under specific attack will allow other vital network functions to continue to operate – even under a sustained denial of service or virus attack.

Automatic Intrusion Blocking

High level of existing threat knowledge

Guaranteed level of service across the network

Stable new technologies to manage security services

Patch Management System

Better security by installing patches regularly to your network.

Through Patch Management, data is filtered throughout the network, making prioritization a much easier procedure, while pre-configured patches speed up the process of deployment. Our Patch Management service actively monitors your network, searching for cases where improvements need to be made, security vulnerabilities need to be fixed and performance needs to be enhanced.

We will manage and test the system during and after the installation process, recording results and working to maintain the best connection possible for your business, and eliminating any disruption that might be incurred.

We offer an internal vulnerability scanner, which assesses the security state of the majority of genuine programs running on Microsoft Windows, as well as supporting scans of all operating systems. All smartphone operating systems can be scanned using our Patch Management service.

Our Patch Management system can be easily integrated with various patch deployment systems, and works seamlessly with your system’s existing control centre. Administrators can also log into the our web console from any browser, in order to easily access data and reports from wherever they are, as well as enabling a variety of procedures to keep their network up and running to a high standard.

Web Application Firewall

Our Web Application Firewall is an advanced solution that can be deployed as part of a network infrastructure to ensure mission critical web applications are delivered quickly and securely. Web based security threats are evolving all the time and it is important to have a single pane of glass solution that will cover all types of threat.

A solution like this is essential for all types of business, but even more so for financial institutions and other businesses that have some form of online payment processing platform. It will allow your business to be 100% PCI compliant by providing complete mitigation of online security threats.

The system also enables network wide policies to be set that will lead to wider security coverage for your web platforms. The will allow detection of threats to be more accurate and will require minimal human intervention taking the pressure off your IT team. Tried and tested solution.

Comprehensive security solution for Web Applications

Ensures Web Apps are delivered quickly and securely

Enables PCI Compliance

Maintains network wide web security policies

Penetration & Vulnerability Testing

We will analyse and identify exposures and security holes

Organisations are increasingly aware that controlled security vulnerability testing is a major element in identifying exposures, and ensuring that they are not exploited by a hostile party.

We have years of experience in assessing numerous network, web and application components from an Information Security perspective. We work with you to design a secure, low maintenance infrastructure on an entirely bespoke basis.

Bespoke Assessments:
  • Application Security Assessment
  • Network Security Assessment
  • Internal Network Audit
  • Wireless Security Assessment
  • PCI Compliance Testing
Application Testing:
  • Infrastructure and services
  • Testing Web applications
  • SQL Injection
  • Cross Site Scripting
  • Privilege Escalation

Advanced Persistent Threat APT Security Solutions

Our APT Prevention is a full protection system that will defend your network against sophisticated ‘advanced persistent threats’ (APTs). With the speed at which security threats can damage your network, it is important for businesses to adopt a protection model that caters for the continuous nature of these threats.

The solution has is capable of real time threat detection and can also contain and resolves threats very quickly, thereby reducing the impact on your business operations.

Our APT Prevention approach


The threats will be detected and analysed in real time which will enable pro-active blocking and provide a high level of intelligence to understand the source of the attacks. This will enable constant ongoing protection and the system will get ‘smarter’ as more information about threats is logged.


The latest security threats require a network architecture that has the ability to be aware of both multi-vector and multi-stage attacks. Our solution can detect both known and evolving threats on a real time basis and can switch the protection to the correct load to match the demands.


Containing security threats effectively requires live validation of the threats alongside the ability to put a stop to attacks when systems are compromised.

Resolve the Threat

Threats will be examined, scoped and taken through to a resolution quickly in a way that is cost effective and doesn’t impact on the flow of legitimate traffic.

Email Security and Protection

Shield Your Business From Targeted Email Attacks

Ransomware and viruses are not the only threat from phishing emails. Email is one way that social engineering can be carried out, which can result in theft of data and loss of significant funds.

Threat Intelligence:

Using our unique combination of in-house developed tools like real-time blacklists, AS rankings, passive DNS, and more; stop ransomware, phishing, and other dangerous attacks before they reach you.

Content Filtering:

Emails are scanned for suspicious content and attachment types such as .pdf, .exe, .js, etc, that are often linked with malicious attacks. Content that appears to be dangerous or spam will be scored and either be quarantined or discarded, depending on its risk.

Connection Filtering:

Our service uses a variety of tests and checks to rate each connection and identify if it seems authentic such as IP reputations, if the domain exists in DNS, domain SPF, and other custom filters.

Multi-layered Encryption:

To ensure complete protection, we use multiple layers of encryption to secure our clients, including opportunistic TLS encryption. We also offer PDF encryption and secure portal encryption as additional services for users who require them.