IT Consulting and Auditing


Technology to overcome business challenges and
achieve strategic objectives, without complicating things.


Define your digital strategy to optimize business performance

With the right advice, technology will help you to achieve business goals, increase efficiency and solve internal challenges.

We Will Solve Business Challenges

We will take a strategic, long-term view of your business and provide a five year technology roadmap taking into account your budget projections and targets. We recommend appropriate technology to automate processes and increase speed and efficiency in any area of your organisation.

New Business Model Innovation

Change your fundamental business model to extend, defend, create and disintermediate using digital technologies. Whether you want to be offensive or defensive or whether you want to reinvent or adapt your business, the only thing that is certain in a Digital world is Change.

Digital Customer Experience

Create innovative and intuitive experiences along a customer journey map. Solutions should be intelligent, context-aware, and personalized with actionable insights.

Business Process Transformation

Execute strategies into operational processes and IT systems that optimize business performance. The end goal is to increase your organizational effectiveness and KPIs.

Digital Technology Enablement

Deliver a world-class digital transformation program by designing and integrating the requisite technology components along the value network, mitigating new cyber risks.


Experienced Consultancy Services to optimize business performance

We have specialists with years of experience in the following areas:

 > VR
> Robotics
> Artificial Intelligence
> Internet of Things (IoT)
> Big Data


Our Team of experienced Technology and Industry consultants take the time to understand more about you, your set up and your business goals, enabling us to best advise around the use of technology.

Our IT Assessments bring knowledge and strategic direction that will empower your business.

We provide you with a summary of our findings, as well as specific recommendations to help you to achieve your Tech and business goals. As part of the IT Assessment & Recommendation Plan, we will review and assess the following;

•  IT infrastructure
•  Disaster Recovery
•  Business Continuity
•  Users & Productivity
•  Hardware & Software

•  IT Support & Contracts
•  IT Security
•  Business Compliance 
•  IT Licensing Compliance
•  Business Governance

The IT Assessment & Recommendation plan aims to provide you with the key, to improve your operational efficiency, increase productivity and drive revenue.


Our Roadmap Review and Planning Services take a holistic view and an innovative approach in order to provide a comprehensive plan as to how an organisation can achieve the efficiencies, cost savings and business value that are possible thanks to the appropriate IT solution.

Fit-For-Business Roadmap Review

More often than not, high-performing IT departments actually spend less than their lower performing peers. Maintaining strong, competitive IT capabilities while still reducing IT spending may seem like contradictory ideas but with a holistic approach driven by a clearly defined, high level, fit-for-business IT strategy, cost savings of between 25 and 40 percent can be achieved.

A Fit-For-Business Roadmap Review cover reducing operational costs where our Service Management, Support, Technical Infrastructure and Information Security Consultants combine their expertise to build a comprehensive picture of your IT’s performance and following this product a clear, holistic, high-level roadmap designed to ensure your IT is truly ‘Fit-For-Business’

Future Proofing Service

Whatever the economic conditions, your business should be primed to take advantage of any opportunity for growth. However, after the downturn and subsequent budgetary pressures many organisations are finding it difficult to turn their IT into a stable platform from which to support an increase in user demands and flexibility.

Our expertise are perfectly placed to help you keep costs under control while ensuring your IT is capable of supporting increased demand from your user-base. Our Future Proofing Service covers every aspect of your IT service – leaving you with a clear and detailed roadmap for delivering an IT Service that is truly able to support your business through the upturn.

Efficiency & Performance Review

Whatever the economic conditions, your business should be running in the most efficient way possible. To ensure every avenue for efficiency is explored an in depth understanding of every aspect of your IT service is crucial.

Our Service Management, Support, Technical Infrastructure and Information Security Consultants combine their expertise to build a comprehensive picture of your IT’s performance.

Service Review & Roadmap

Service Review provides an independent assessment of the IT-related processes within your organisation. It enables organisations to understand their alignment to ITIL Best Practice through a structured analysis of the existing IT environment.

Our consultants deliver a clear view of how effective your existing processes are and provide a business case that presents the benefits that could be gained through ITIL Service Management improvements.

Infrastructure Review & Roadmap

Our Infrastructure Services will help you to better understand what you have in place; what’s fit-for-business and, more importantly, what falls short of current best practice and might be causing you unnecessary risk.

This can cover Active Directory and Exchange Healthchecks, Virtualisation Readiness Assessments or a complete Infrastructure Review.

Information Security Review

A comprehensive review flagging up problem areas in addition to recording all instances where your Information Security is working well is a cost-effective way to gain an understanding of the level of protection your business currently enjoys.

To learn more about our digital security solutions please visit the following page Digital Security or contact us.


IT Resource Management Audit Service is underpinned by proven combination of technical and human led reviews of your IT systems, physical infrastructure and 3rd party supplier agreements. Using our extensive technical and business experience, our consultants will conduct a thorough audit of your IT system, creating a detailed but focused audit report.

Consultant led discovery and interview

Almost invariably there are aspects of a technical audit that require manual discovery (either remotely or through an onsite visit). Our preference is to talk to both managers and users in order to compile a complete picture of your IT system and its human landscape, identifying key issues at each level. We would typically look at security physical and technical, systems management and change processes.

Audit Recommendations

In its implementation the audit recommendations section is intended to identify:

  • Shortcomings in technology and systems
  • Improvements to process and governance
  • Improvements on systems ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Process inefficiencies
Detailed Reporting

A number of detailed reports flow as a direct result of the our discovery based work, these typically encompass:

Workstation, server and warranty information

Details of mobile devices

Equipment including routers and switches

Users and groups snapshots

Operating systems and applications data

Details of printers

Policy docs, DR plans and supplier contracts

Security data