Enterprise Training




Upgrade employees and meet enterprise business goals

Implement our cutting-edge, award-winning IT training throughout your enterprise and do more than upgrade your employees with the latest certifications and skills. Keep your entire company up to speed while maintaining productivity across offices and time zones.

What makes us a unique training provider?

We are the world’s largest independent IT training company, with 300 centers in 70 countries. We’ve trained employees at all companies in Fortune magazine’s ranking of America’s 100 largest corporations.

Yet we’re able to make our global reach and resources relevant to any company’s needs with the responsiveness of a local partner.

What will work best for you?

In too many companies, both training companies and others, things are run to make life easier for the company. It’s why training companies have fixed schedules and pre-defined course outlines, they’re easy to sell.

We are committed to reversing that logic. So we will run whatever course you need, whenever you need it, wherever you are.

A Simplified IT Learning Strategy

Our experts ensure your training solution works smoothly

Our enterprise resources include:

•   An Account Management team available to analyze, develop and implement learning programs that match your company’s vision

•   A Professional Services team of subject matter experts to develop custom learning and technology solutions to help you achieve long-term growth and maintain an edge over your competitors

•   A Client Support team to help with scheduling, registration and billing, plus monthly reporting to track the effectiveness of your IT learning investment

•   A powerful web-based tool that advances the learning process through access to courseware and learning reinforcement libraries

Learning Strategy Meets Business Strategy

By getting to know your enterprise, our company ties comprehensive learning method options with the immediate and long-term needs of your company.

We have trained more than 1.5 million people over our 20-year history; we’re experts at turning IT learning into real business value and ROI for enterprise-sized businesses.

Increase employee efficiency and align it with your business objectives.

Develop learning plans that boost employee effectiveness.

Provide a measurable ROI for your training budget.

Minimize training travel expenses and office downtime.


Our courses are designed to offer a personal, immersive and thorough learning experience for every student – no matter what their prior knowledge or skill. With our help, you can develop specific IT skills that will help your business or organisation attain improved efficiency, optimised IT output and realise maximum growth and performance.

What courses do you offer?

Absolutely anything!

We make no bones about it. We have also spent years building a network of consultants who are equally passionate about other areas. We only use recognised experts, meaning both that the training we offer is second to none, and that we can offer training in pretty much anything – and not just software.

So whether it’s Crystal Reports, Prince II, Scrum and Agile Project Management, BizTalk or Oracle, SharePoint or PowerPoint, we can provide top-notch training for you and your colleagues.

Where do you run your courses?

The short answer to that is – wherever you are!

We believe that rather than taking several of your staff away from your office, it’s better if we come to you, where you’re already familiar with the surroundings and won’t be out of reach if you’re needed. So, we come to you and run the course in your meeting room, board room, training room – or even at your desk.

Of course, if you don’t have a suitable space, we will happily book a training room close to you, simply passing on the cost to you. We won’t charge you for this – it’s all part of the service.

When are your courses scheduled?

Because each course is run just for you, we run it to your schedule. You tell us when you’d like the training to happen, and we’ll work together to find a suitable date.

That also means that we will happily split the course for you, with one group in the morning, and another in the afternoon, so that you and your colleagues don’t have to be away from your desks for a whole day. Then we can come back the next day (or whenever suits you) and run the remainder of the course for each group.

What do you cover in your courses?

Because we’re running the course just for you, we tailor each course to your requirements. If you need an in-depth look at Excel’s analysis tools, that’s what we’ll do. But if you want to learn how to create the database that will work for your business processes – that’s fine too.

When you call, we’ll listen to you to find out exactly why you need the training and which areas are of interest, and then we’ll work together to agree an outline that’s right for you.