IT Project Management


Getting IT Project delivered on time, with in your budget


Efficient and Cost Effective Execution of IT Projects

Project management is not just about completing a project on time. It’s about using the available budget wisely, about examining every aspect and identifying potential problems or opportunities. But it can also become a hugely time-intensive and costly task, taking staff away from their regular roles, which could have a detrimental effect on the efficiency of the business.

What makes our IT Project Management service so unique?

We can offer IT project management consultancy services which provide all the support for you; from initial planning and design, to assessment and implementation, all the while ensuring you have a cost-effective solution which enables your business to run smoothly. When it comes to IT project management we can provide solutions that are ideal for small to medium businesses.

We offer a straightforward approach which puts your business first.

Supplement your existing IT department, resulting in a better productivity

Reduce potential downtime, proactive problems forecasting strategy

Cost effective and efficient execution of your project within your budget

Help your business avoid problems or issues which may develop in the future

Provide reliable improvements to your whole infrastructure and network

Identify IT related issues, risks and potential opportunities


We understand that staying efficient, running smoothly and remaining competitive is essential. That’s why we deliver a project management solution tailor made to work in harmony with your business, taking a straightforward approach which delivers the solutions you need. Our project management consultancy can provide you with the flexibility to expand and develop.

We can help your business successfully manage:

•   Network security – from planning to installing
•   Platform Upgrades – allow your business to grow without losing efficiency
•   Relocation – transfer of business and IT assets with minimal downtime
•   Disaster planning – preventing downtime & planning for the worst case
•   Network auditing – analysing the performance and security of the network


It is impossible to gather all the requirements at the start of the project. Whatever requirements you do gather are guaranteed to change. There will always be more to do than time and money will allow. We understand your position because we share the same pressure. Our number one priority is maintaining our reputation for delivery of quality, with this being the essence of our culture.

Our aim is to collaborate closely with you to manage expectations and deliver on a shared mission to be on-time and on-budget. We are here to help and our vast experience of the delivery of mission-critical projects with agile delivery is leveraged by many of your IT leadership peers with proven success.

1: Requirement Posting

Initial project discussion.
Requirement analysis.

2: Project Arrangements

Scope & expertise mapping.
Candidates and assets screening.

3: Project Launch

Team & infrastructure setup.
Environment & tools setup.

4: Agile Sprint Plan

Project Planning & kick-off.
Ops review & adjustments.

5: Execution and Delivery

Achieve maximum productivity
Knowledge accumulation & sharing.


We can help even if you have your own dedicated IT management. We can act as your remote support team which your colleagues and end users can contact for fast solutions, freeing your IT staff to focus on their day-to-day activities

From initial planning to final implementation and assessment, our project management consultancy service can provide you with fast, affordable solutions which work for your business.