IT Support & Maintenance


Maintain maximum productivity with Fully Managed IT


We will maintain your IT resources, PCs, Network and security to prevent any downtime due to IT issues.

  • Improve staff productivity
  • Optimise business processes
  • Increase business continuity.
  • Reduce risk
  • Meet compliance standards.
  • Plan for the future.

Proactive Maintenance & Monitoring

You’ll experience fewer IT problems due to the constant monitoring and maintenance carried out by our experts.

Preventing Downtime

By keeping a close eye on potential triggers for trouble and planning improvements on an ongoing basis, our team will reduce the number of times IT issues stop your team from working. They will also analyse the root-cause of recurrent problems to avoid repetition.

24 Hours IT Support

Immediate support when IT issues disrupt your productivity, getting you working again asap.

Fixing Problems Fast

Available 24 hours a day and will start working on your requests within 10 minutes. If you’re unable to work at all, we’ll begin fixing your problem immediately. Faster recovery is achieved by engineers who get to know your systems and specific needs.

Network Administration

Our network administrator will identify vulnerabilities in your systems and any bad security practices in your processes.

Eliminating Risk

They will ensure you comply with best security, resulting in more secure data and helping you adhere to regulatory compliance standards such as FCA, EBA, PCI etc.

Technology Consulting

With the right advice, technology will help you to achieve business goals, increase efficiency and solve internal challenges.

IT to match your Business Aspirations

Your dedicated IT director will take a strategic, long-term view of your business and provide a five year technology roadmap taking into account your budget projections and targets.


Benefiting from over 170 expert technical support engineers, We have several fully-resilient service and network operating centres and provides 24/7 “always on” service and support. Please find below the key components of our IT support service.

Technology Planning

Professional services planning advice including transition to full outsourcing of IT services where required and IT cost cutting advice.

Acquisition of Technology

Professional advice and guidance on product and service evaluation, acquisition of hardware and softwares, onboarding and support.

Deployment of Components

Deployment of software and hardware as chosen during the planning stage. Once deployed, are configured and thoroughly tested.

Maintenance of Services

Managed Remote monitoring of desktops and servers, including full desktop support services and remote computer support for businesses


We’re focused on not just fixing your IT problems, but on helping you achieve your business goals – whether that is to grow your business, increase efficiency, or reduce risk.

Remote Monitoring

24/7 Remote monitoring of systems, networks and applications

Security Patches

Security patches applied periodically to OS and installed applications

Automatic Alerts

Automatic notifications if any changes made to hardwares or Softwares

Remote Management

Most of the maintenance and problems resolved remotely, in minutes.

Virus Protection

Spywares and viruses protection system are placed with regular scans

Computer Cleanup

Computer cleanup to remove unwanted data and improve performance

Security Reports

Regular security scans to identify possible vulnerabilities in systems

Performance Monitoring

Regular scans to test the performance and storage capacity

Procure & Deploy

We will procure and deploy PCs, applications and other IT hardwares

Onsite Support

Issue unable to be resolved remotely, we will dispatch our engineers

Internet Monitoring

We can monitor and report on your workforce’s internet usage activity

Scheduled Backups

We will keep a backup of each system to restore in case of failures


To engage our services, simply get in touch and talk us about your needs. Client feedback is important to us. Our engineers, as with all of our team members embrace the culture of measuring success in terms of client satisfaction.

1: Requirement Posting

Initial requirements discussion.
Requirement analysis.

2: Plan and Acquire

IT resources plans made.
Hardware & applications acquired.

3: Deploy & Maintain

IT infrastructure is deployed.
Regular maintenance starts.

Our Support Methods

Remote Support Service

We fix problems remotely with in minutes, by connecting to your system through the internet.

On-Site Support Service

We will dispatch an engineer with in 12-24 hours, for incidents that cannot be resolved remotely.