The automotive industry is a driving force of the global economy and of technical innovations. Without question, the importance of information technology in this sector has increased: the car is one of the control centers of our digital future. Topics such as connected cars, electric drives, autonomous driving and new mobility concepts are revolutionizing the industry.

We support leading manufacturers to bring the digital age to life in their vehicles, services and processes. Our expertise in UX design and extensive experience in the development and quality assurance of user-centric applications guarantees that we achieve what is still the most important thing in this industry – a happy driver.




The financial sector is considered one of the most dynamically changing business areas. The role of physical branches of financial institutions is decreasing. New technologies are opening up new distribution channels and new competitors are entering the market. Last, but not least, a new type of demanding and spoiled customer is triggering the need for innovation and distinction in this industry.

We help established and new players in this highly regulated market to gain competitive advantages through customer-oriented products and new technologies. Digital structures along the entire value chain help to reduce costs and at the same time offer customers individualized and thus better service.




The healthcare market is facing fundamental challenges. The digital transformation is changing the way in which services are provided, while demographic change raises the pressure to operate cost-effectively in a highly competitive market environment.

We help forward-thinking organizations to leverage the opportunities that come hand in hand with digital technologies and are actively requested by consumers. Connected health, whether on the level of wearables or processes in the hospital sector, is a young market that holds huge potential for user-oriented solutions and the organizations that offer these.




The high-tech industry is characterized by extremely short innovation cycles. New companies and ideas emerge every minute and disappear again. The time-to-market is one of the most critical success factors in this industry. Nevertheless, this market also demands scalable, stable, secure and high performance solutions at the same time.

We have grown with this market and are a reliable business partner when it comes to implementing demanding projects within a short time by leveraging our experienced agile development team and proven development environments in a user-centric way




The industrial sector is currently experiencing its fourth revolution. After mechanization, electrification and digitization, the next step is the interconnection of cyber-physical systems in manufacturing – the smart factory. Manufacturing companies and machine builders are challenged to adapt their systems and equipment to this future.

We help companies to develop reliable, high performance, secure and scalable systems. We rely on our experience in the fields of cloud computing and the Internet of Things applications and also provide support in designing human-machine interfaces.




The digital transformation is also present in our daily lives today. The Internet of Things and mobile apps provide a gateway to the digital world. Connected kitchens and home appliances, wearables and sports apps, but also personal assistants or chat bots change our lives.

We have been developing mobile applications since the very beginning. In fact, we call the Internet of Things our home. Together with our customers, we design and develop creative and innovative solutions to deal with small and large everyday problems. In this way, we make the world a little bit better. We pay particular attention to the business case behind the products in order to secure long-term success.



The way in which people consume media and content today has fundamentally changed: mobile or at home, on their TVs or smartphones, in linear or on-demand mode. Media companies have to face this challenge. But there are also great opportunities associated with this change: people are always on and reachable at many more touchpoints.

We have already helped many industry leaders seize this opportunity and paved the way for them into the digital age. We are at the heart of technology development when it comes to cutting edge ways to distribute and process content – always with an eye on the preferences of the end user.




Hardly any other industry has changed as quickly as the retail sector. Customers show great acceptance for digital solutions that make their shopping experience much easier. Whether on the road, at home or in a retail store – the customer is always looking for the most convenient way of shopping in exactly that moment. Forward-thinking retailers are required to adapt to their customers and their lifestyles.

We support these companies along the entire value chain and advise them on the introduction of the best solution for them and their customres. We are a proven partner of the retail sector and deliver intelligent e-commerce systems, mobile applications as well concepts for the point of sale.




Technological progress and the changing behavior of end users have fundamentally changed the world of telecommunications companies. The ubiquitous connectivity and very strong competition characterize this market.

With our experience from long standing cooperation with both wired and wireless communications providers, we help to bring the strategic objectives of our clients together with the demands and requirements of the consumer.